Maybe you’re like me, and the Guardians of The Galaxy mean nothing to you. I’ve never been a major comic book guy and, when I did collect, it was always books for the Holy Trinity of Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman. So … Continue reading

‘Guardians of The Galaxy’: News on Sequel & Phase 3 Plans


Maybe you’re like me, and the Guardians of The Galaxy mean nothing to you. I’ve never been a major comic book guy and, when I did collect, it was always books for the Holy Trinity of Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman. So I’d never even heard of the Guardians before the movie was announced. However, the buzz around the film is very strong and I’ll admit, the more I hear and see, the more I think you can pencil me in for a Thursday Midnight showing.

It would appear Marvel knows they’ve got something special on their hands, too. Another potential sleeper hit, somewhat like Iron Man- where they took a character that was never exactly the “face” of the company, more of a B-lister, and turned him into a huge deal with that 2008 movie. It would appear they think the film is tracking strong enough to turn the Guardians of The Galaxy into household names. Because aside from green-lighting an all-new animated series for the superhero team, JoBlo is reporting that a sequel has all ready been slotted for a 2016 release.

That’s right, Marvel expects Guardians of The Galaxy 2 to be part of Phase 3, and it’s even possible that the film could be the one to go toe-to-toe with Batman vs Superman on May 6 of that year. That last part isn’t confirmed, but Marvel only has two dates locked down for 2016, so there aren’t many other options.


Marvel’s high ambitions for the project don’t surprise me, though, since this jives with what a source of mine told me last month. Which was that Marvel fully intends for, at the very least, Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord to be in Avengers 3- which likely wouldn’t come out until 2018. So it makes sense that they’re going to continue to promote and expand these characters for the next few years.

Speaking of Pratt, did you check out his interview for Jurassic World

So what do you think out there? Is Marvel nuts for having so much faith in Guardians of The Galaxy? Is their faith in the project instilling faith in you? On a scale of 1-10, what’s your excitement level for that movie?


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  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    The GOTG are pretty awesome, I started reading them mid year last year and the stories have been great! I am SO looking forward to the film.

  • Frank

    I enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy ’69 and ’08 volumes. Bendis pretty much killed my interest for them in Marvel Now’s new volume but I hope this movie will bring back my excitement for the characters. The after scenes credit in Thor: The Dark World gave me an unsettled opinion about it but I really enjoyed James Gunn’s Super so I believed him when he said that this will have a very family feel to it. I’ll have more of an opinion for the movie when I see a trailer.

  • David White


  • Frank

    Why do you think it’s boring?

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Might be cause he’s on the internet.

  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    I have a few gripes with the new storyline…what are yours?

  • Frank

    I read only about a few issues of the new volume before I dropped it but it seemed that Bendis was taking a new approach to a lot of the characters and it felt very strange to me. The story didn’t necessarily seem to be going anywhere. I thought there were great moments in it but very few and far between. I understand they had to re-establish the characters but I was more interest on what happened at the end of Thanos Imperative. Have they explained that at all or is that still a mystery?

  • beto lara

    My excitement level is 4-5 on a scale of 10. Marvel needs to convince me that this project is respectable.

  • TwilightNewsSite

    Me, too. Totally excited about the movie. The GOTG are arguably the best, most entertaining series, with the best team dynamic, and most audience friendly tone of any comic book series. That the stakes are always incredibly high is another big plus. If they can keep the story clear, and maintain the tone of the comic, they could be bigger than the Avengers.

  • Vegas82

    Glad the specified this after their announcement the other day that Guardians wouldn’t be tied into the Earth/S.H.I.E.L.D stuff that leads into Avengers 2 and is more Thanos-centric, the villain of Avengers 3. It’s interesting that they’re mixing phases though.

  • tim

    the annihilation saga is one of my favorite arcs, then again im always sold on their cosmic shit. that picture of nova was a total cock tease by the way haha, it would be epic for marvel to shove a REAL intergalatic police force movie down the throats of whoever at
    dc decided to watch Ryan Reynolds make fancy green race cars and airplanes

  • Frank

    There’s already members of Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy so they may have Richard Rider easter eggs. Hopefully not Sam Alexander though.

  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    I mean they helped fight along side and defeat Thanos, but no…they didn’t really wrap that up the following issue was kind of just them starting another adventure.

  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    What I tell people when they ask, “who are the guardians of the galaxy” I say “Think the Avengers but the Guardians are in space….”

  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    Frank my Major gripe is that in the begining Iron Man was hanging out with them for a few issues, he couldn’t connect back to earth and maybe I wasn’t reading close enough but all of a sudden he just dissapeared and wasn’t with them anymore lol.

  • TwilightNewsSite

    Great, to-the-point description.

  • T-Vo

    I agree, the 2008 series was awesome. It it tied in the Annhilation Wave storyline and Nova was also quite good as well. I like that version of Nova not the present one.

  • Scott Watson

    I would say I am as excited for GOTG as much, maybe more, then for Star Wars VII. It has the element of a big universe with so much to offer (like Star Wars) and it has the action and character based drama that is the basis of comic book movies. The fact that these character don’t have a lot of well known history works in Marvel’s favor because they can mold them more then they could with someone like Captain America or Hulk because everyone knows their basic story. I am so excited to see what they have created and will be there opening night.

  • Christian Tassi

    GOTG has the potential to start a new cosmic series like Star Wars.

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    Need a trailer first, but I am hopeful with how much MARVEL is backing this IP.

  • nicomouse

    yes, a flipp’n trailer would be flipp’n nice! It’s not a good sign.

  • Nick Perkins

    Never read a Guardians of the Galaxy comic; never plan to. But just the fact that Marvel Studios’ name is on this project, combined with this cast, has my excitement level at 11.

  • Madcap2112

    I’ll wait and see with GOTG. I was never a very big fan of them, i didn’t dislike them: they just weren’t on my radar as a comic guy (i wasn’t even aware they were retooled into a 20th/21st century team, i thought they were strictly 31st century until the movie was announced).


    A) I really like the director. And that means a lot to me. James Gunn impressed the hell out of me with Slither, even if it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So +1

    B) Zoe Saldana also has a lot of cred to me. She was great in both Star Trek and Avatar (If you didn’t like Avatar, i win the debate. I did, therefore i didn’t waste money). I’m interested in seeing her next genre movie.

    C) Marvel has a track record for making good movies. Out of everything only Iron Man 2 was shitty (I didn’t like the Mandarin twist in IM3 but i’d hardly call it a shitty movie, Incredible Hulk was GREAT).

    D) I’m a fan of Vin Diesel. The guy’s not Lawrence Olivier or anything, but Iron Giant is one of my favorite animated films. Vin doing voicework where all he gets to say is one line over and over and he has to use inflection to convey himself? I’m in.

    So all in all, i have high hopes for GOTG. After all, most of the filmgoing audience hadn’t heard of Iron Man pre MCU, so now i get to be in their shoes. I, for one, hope marvel and Gunn knock this one out of the park.

  • Madcap2112

    I really do hope Vin gets into the MCU in another capacity as well. I.E. non-voicework. Black Bolt of the Inhumans (A ‘merging of the brands?) or Namor (dunno where his movie rights are, but you get the drift) Frankly, i’d have picked him for a new Daredevil reboot.

  • Superpull

    The modern Guardians were my favourite team and favourite comic right out of annihilation. I was gutted when it was discontinued and I am far from happy the way things have gone after the wrapping up of the cancerverse and the random appearance of Quill later without an explanation.

    This film may be the film I have looked forward to more than any film ever. I am a fully signed up fanboy of Marvel space and cant believe Rocket & Groot are in a blockbuster film that people are excited about. GotG is proof that Marvel can $h!t gold at the moment.

  • CosmicGorilla

    I’m not excited for Guardians yet. That clip at the end of Thor 2 looked kinda crappy.

  • Frank

    I believe that was covered in a New Avengers issue. I remember Iron Man being off planet and not being able to communicate with Earth but then I remember in an issue of New Avengers that he just recently came back from a space adventure with the Guardians.

  • The Trout

    So, basically, Phase 3 is going to be all sequels again (barring Dr. Strange). Not exactly taking as many risks as they’re credited for, are they? Where’s the room for Black Panther, The Inhumans, Ms. Marvel and many others? Unless, of course, Marvel are planning to expand to three movies a year.

  • Phantom DJ

    I also look forward to this film. Does anybody know when we will get a trailer?

  • HalfTheBattle

    I think Marvel is being a bit presumptuous already planning sequels to GoG. The movie looks like it will be too damn quirky for mainstream audiences and frankly I am expecting it to be Marvel’s first official bomb. I would love to be pleasantly surprised, but I have a hard time imagining people taking this movie seriously.

  • MoonKnightFist

    Think the Avengers, only better.

  • Chris Groves

    I’ll be so disappointed if he don’t get a Hulk sequel in Phase 3….I was hoping we’d get one before The Avengers(like in 2010, like Iron Man 2), then I was optimistic that after The Avengers, we’d get one….and now I’m holding out hope that we get one after Age of Ultron…but it seems like it won’t happen. I’m close to shedding an inner fanboy-tear.

  • Robert Anthony Rodriguez

    Pretty typical for Bendis. He can be a great writer, but when he has too much freedom, he tends to rush to the next “awesome” story idea without giving closure to what already happened.

  • Pheezmatic

    Don’t forget Ant-Man….also with at least 2 movies a year that leaves them with the space for another origin movie other than ant man and doc strange, and thats assuming theres sequels for thor, cap and gotg.

  • Hypestyles

    I hope for excellent box office. I’ll check it out and I hope it becomes a big hit. Let’s remember that Iron Man was, in the mainstream culture, a marginally known character at best, before the first movie, and RDJ was not A-list anymore at the time. This is more of an ensemble piece, and I hope the story and action is exciting.

  • tigerface

    I love the look of the cast on that picture, Batista looks bad ass and Rocket Raccoon lawl. If this movie is good Marvel could have another mega-hit on their hands kinda like Ironman back in the day. The only gripe I have is with Zoe Zaldana’s look. She looks like they just painted her green and that’s it. Gamora is such a badass but in that picture looks like she just came from the hair salon, it just doesn’t fit the character.

  • Daniel Baldwin

    Feige has already stated that they want to start keeping to a “One sequel, one newbie” schedule for each year. That means that there’s only room for two of these three in P3: Thor 3, Guardians 2, Cap 3. I’m betting Cap 3 gets pushed to Phase 4, both to save room and to keep from having THREE stars’ contracts end with Avengers 3.

    There are 6 slots in Phase 3. Ant-Man & Avengers 3 are a lock. That leaves room for 4. Two sequels and two originals. The sequels will likely be Guardians 2 and Thor 3. The originals? Doctor Strange is a definite. As for the other? Either Ms. Marvel or The Inhumans, as they will want to keep it cosmic to continue building towards Thanos in Avengers 3.

    There’s no room for Black Panther until Phase 4, sadly…….though they could always give him that second 2018 slot as the first film of Phase 4. I also won’t be surprised if they finally pull the trigger on their “3 films a year” plan beginning with Phase 4.

  • Daniel Baldwin

    I think Universal still owns Namor, but I suspect they’d actually be willing to play ball.

  • beto lara

    I can’t say whether how good odds are for it to bomb. I do think it is as you described “too damn quirky”, but it’s not always easy to nail down B.O. returns. It’ll be interesting, especially with TMNT opening the following weekend.

  • Frederick McCain

    I don’t think Marvel is too presumptuous to have a possible GOTG sequel to go up against Bats vs Supes. After all a lot of what I’ve heard about the movie is that it could be the Star Wars of this generation, which admittingly we’ve heard time and again about a Sci-Fi flick. but Marvel’s track record has been pretty good so far and with the characters and the cast I can see this movie being a huge hit among kids as well as adults. And let’s say for a mintue that all this buzz pans out and this movie is really good and excites a generation like Star Wars did then I can see it beating Supes vs Bats at the box office given the luke warm reception MoS got from fans and all the hate slung by the internet at a lot of the casting for the movie.

    When all is said and done Marvel doesn’t care what DC is doing in the movie department, they’re just making their own movies and not worried. DC though is stuck in catch-up mode. The only evidence you need that Marvel is doing it right is that we’ll see Rocket Raccoon on screen before we see Wonder Woman.

  • Jeff Forehand

    It’d be hilarious if he was Black Bolt, and through some crossover the Inhumans met the Guardians. He’d play one character through voice-over and another who couldn’t speak.

  • Jeff Forehand

    Not a good sign?

    A) The film is going to have animation and special effects out the wahzoo. I think they’d want to refine those as much as possible before releasing a trailer, especially since NO ONE has any idea who these characters are.

    2) The film doesn’t come out until August. No one was saying the new Captain America movie was in trouble when it released its first trailer in October, a full SIX MONTHS before the film comes out.

    C) Since when does the release of a trailer mean the film will suck?

    The trailer will be out in a week or two (they just released that the trailer is 2:23 today), let’s not jump to any crazy conclusions here.

  • Jeff Forehand

    Not true – we saw Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman and Superman all on screen in the Lego Movie… Oh…

  • Jeff Forehand

    You know how much will change between now and 2018? Star Lord in Avengers 3 is speculation at best. Let’s make it through Phase 2 before talking about Phase 3.

    Otherwise we’re no different than Sony talking about their plans for Amazing Spider-Man 4.

  • TruthHurts

    How come Robert Downey Jr Isn’t in this movie? WTF?

  • Strong Enough

    remember the rumor that at the end of Iron Man 3, RDJ goes to space and finds Star Lord or some shit lmao

  • Truthhurts

    I didn’t see him at the end of Iron Man 3 seeing Star Lord. He threw the bomb, then fell to earth, then got yelled at by the Hulk, then ate Shwarma.

  • Strong Enough

    i know. it was a rumor going around Star Lord was at the end credits of IM 3

  • Norman Dostal

    the trailer looks like Hitchhikers which was terrible….bad feeling about this one

  • Norman Dostal

    not likely since Star Wars is unqiue and classic like no other series in film history-funny though

  • Norman Dostal

    Iron Man was known by millions so hardly marginal