Akiva Goldsman, out stumping for his feature directing debut Winter’s Tale, chatted with iO9 about the I Am Legend sequel that never came to be. The writer and producer spoke rather openly about the project, which Hollywood seemed desperate to get … Continue reading

What Insane Ideas Were There For ‘I Am Legend 2′?

I Am Legend

Akiva Goldsman, out stumping for his feature directing debut Winter’s Tale, chatted with iO9 about the I Am Legend sequel that never came to be. The writer and producer spoke rather openly about the project, which Hollywood seemed desperate to get Will Smith back for- despite his character’s fate in the original film. But it seems that this one went the way of Independence Day 2, with Smith refusing to take part in any planned follow-ups. Without Smith, there could be no I Am Legend 2, so Goldsman talked a bit about what might have been:

I mean, we wrote a prequel [and] a sequel. We had a really interesting prequel, which was the first outbreak of the virus, during a Thanksgiving Day parade, which was awesome. We did a really interesting prequel that [took place] later. Which was right after the first… really right when the population of of humans became pretty decimated. And it was this sort of trek to Washington. Which included a dark seeker elephant that had broken out of the zoo.

Then we did a sequel, that started with Neville again — and you realized that he was cloned. We’ve tried every which way. In fact if you’re available you could be in the next movie. It will never happen but we really enjoyed trying to make it happen.”

Clones, killer elephants, and a Thanksgiving Day Parade massacre. Interesting.

After seeing I Am Legend, did you have a hankering for more of that world? Would you have followed a continued franchise? Personally, I enjoyed the film, but it felt like a one-and-done deal. Anything after that would’ve felt like it was milking it. How about you?


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  • Steve-o

    They should have left the “alternate ending” in for that movie.

  • DasVassen

    I thought the prequel ideas were interesting enough. They lost me with the whole “Neville was cloned” stupidity for a sequel.

  • http://www.mediacritiquer.com/ MediaCritiquer.com

    Overrated flick.

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    A prequel with a massacre would be nice, but I’m still fine with the way it is right now. Adds more impact to the film.

  • Vegas82

    Most insane idea for I Am Legend 2? That they’d actually make it.

  • Truthhurts

    The truth is, After Earth was the sequel to I am Legend

  • Dan Riedel

    Yea, I liked it better when it was called Resident Evil 2

  • DasVassen

    LOL! Exactly!

  • eBob

    That movie was SO amazing until they introduced the completely unnecessary CGI vampire/zombie/rodent/infected people running and jumping all over. (How does a virus give your human muscles enough strength to jump several feet and climb up walls?)

    Smith’s performance was actually very moving and engaging IMO and then that computer garbage. I think real actors in make-up would’ve added a far more terrifying effect.

  • eBob

    Never heard of it. What was it?

  • Steve-o

    Smith’s character gives the “specimen” he was experimenting on back to the alpha male and the zombie things leave, then they go to the safe haven to work on a vaccine/cure…he did not blow himself up. Its better than how I explained it, you’d have to look it up on youtube or something.

  • AL

    Why don’t they just reboot it but actually make it like the book, you know….good.

  • eBob

    It had to be better than him blowing himself up for no apparent reason. Couldn’t they have all gotten in the safe, thrown the grenade and then close the safe door? BOOM? Zombie-Vampires die and they all live?

  • eBob

    Because Hollywood knows better than stupid books!

  • AL


  • Haku

    The human brain naturally restrains our muscle capacities so that we don’t hurt ourselves. If humans were given our full muscle strength, we’d all be 3-5 times stronger. If the virus manages to shut down the part of the brain that keeps us weaker, then the zombie/vampires things would essentially have super strength to do what they do. However, they would then end up injuring themselves constantly because our bodies arent meant to have full muscle strength, so it’s basically a double edged sword.

    And the monsters are the whole point of the story. Granted, this is like the 4th remake of the original movie and with each one they lost more and more of the original plot. In the original, the scientist essentially becomes the monster, feared by the new breed of virus-humans things. He saw them as monsters and sought to cure them all (by experimenting on ones he captured, with them all dying under his care), and they all saw him as a monster who only wanted to kill them.

  • Haku

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • eBob

    That’s only partially true. If the human muscle tissue used it’s full strength all at once to it’s full capacity, it would constantly rip itself apart, rip itself from tendons, rip itself from bones. These “rabies-vampire-zombies” would’ve killed themselves by their own internal injuries. And that still doesn’t explain the wall climbing…

    And I read the book as a kid and seen all the movies. The Last Man On Earth and Omega Man are 2 of my all-time favorite flicks!

  • Haku

    Well Wall Climbing isn’t really that hard to believe. Hell, people do it even now. It’s all just a manner or gripping the right spots. They’re not climbing the walls as if they’re Spiderman, but doing in that they’re just using their new super strength to do what people can do now, only better.

  • eBob

    OK. Clearly you enjoyed the movie and bought into the rabies/super-strength thing. That’s cool that it worked for you. It just didn’t work for me.
    I find the adaptations became less and less frightening as they went along because IMO they became less and less believable.

  • moviefan1

    The first movie was the definition of average. I did not hate it and yet there was nothing about it that was really that great either. It just kind of exists. I remember telling that to people though when it came out and they would get so mad at me and tell me that it was the greatest movie of all time.

  • Haku

    Oh no dude I’m totally with you that the movie wasnt that great. It’s just that I’ve accepted that this movie botched up the monsters and had their own way of making them work. I’m totally up for a movie that actually follows the fucking book.

  • eBob

    Ok…it just seemed like you were trying to justify it and I can’t seem to make it work it my head. The things they do just do not make physical, muscular sense. (IMO)

  • Chris Groves

    Agreed, that’s the only version of the film I watch. I’m not one of those people that demand some kind of ‘happy ending’…but the fact of the matter is that alternate(original) ending was better suited for the film and the story they told. The version where he kills himself was forced and predictable in order to have a more ‘dramatic’ ending.

  • Chris Groves

    Well, when you get the DVD/Blu Ray, you get the alternate cut of the film with the better ending and a new moment or two actually in the film.

  • Jedman2488

    I actually thought the first half of the movie held up fairly well against the book. I agree, however, the final half was a bit weak comparatively.

  • tigerface

    Clones huh? ’cause that worked out so well for Aliens 4…

  • sauronthepowerful

    Absolutely correct. Killing the charismatic lead of a one man act was about as shortsighted and half asked an exec idea as has been floated down the pipe.

    The alternate ending opened up the doors for the seekers innate humanity like an antibiotic against the industrial virus.

    Pathetic decision to go “big-action” and just blow something up for the sake of the ever elusive cheap pop.


  • sauronthepowerful

    How about the fact that they survived bereft of power and heat for three consecutive harsh subzero NY winters. That alone was a major continuity screwup of epic proportions. Regardless of how hot the virus was running the seekers there is NO, read that, ZERO way that exposed human flesh could’ve survived in subzero conditions for four consecutive months and for three years of this.

    Quite simply their bodies would’ve broken down to the elements.

    Comedy at how poorly thought out that was.

  • eBob

    Someday someone will actually adapt the actual book.

  • Callum McDonald

    In the book the “zombie things” were Vampires. Also the title has meaning to the story.

  • Strong Enough

    was it really that funny?

  • pinkincide

    They should’ve just had the CORRECT ending from the novel. The one where the title and the whole point of the story isn’t twisted 180 degrees from its intended meaning. It’s short. Read it and you’ll understand.

  • AL

    “Because hollywood knows better than stupid books” ? To a person that is an avid reader, yes. It was freakin hilarious. Would it make you feel more comfortable if i used LOL ?

  • The Griffinator

    Don’t mind AL, guys… he’s a well-known troll who likes to “HAHAHAHAHA !!!” down at people a lot to make himself feel more adequate.

  • AL

    oh. that’s so sweet. my groupie followed me ! :)

  • Strong Enough

    wrong person

  • AL

    Wrong person for what ? You asked if it was really that funny and i answered.

  • Strong Enough

    Wrong person…..to FUCK WITH!

  • AL

    Awwwwe, that’s adorable !

  • Strong Enough

    thank you