Latino-Review.com is a Web Site dedicated to bringing Reviews of the latest American Movies to the English speaking Latin-American audience. Our reviewers are young Latinos based in Los Angeles and New York, and offer a fresh perspective of movies from the nations fastest growing Markets. In 2000, the Latino population consisted of 32.8 million residents in the United States, not including Puerto Rico, representing 12% percent of the total U.S.population. The Latino Review Staff consists of ethnicity’s within the Latino family. Puerto Rico, Mexico and Colombia. We want to bridge the gap between the misrepresentation that is quite obvious in the Entertainment Industry. Despite having 12% of the United States population, we make up only 2% of all the characters that appear in Television and Movies according to a Report Released by the Hollywood Reporter. It is our goal to help the Latino community bind together and let our voices be spread. Latino Review has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

“The Hispanic population proved the heaviest movie goers with a per capita viewing of average 9.9 films during the year (2001), representing 15% of admissions.”  - IMPALA 2001


“Latino/Hispanics received 4.8% share of SAG roles in 2001 compared to 4.9% in 2000, considerably less than the approximately 12% Latino/Hispanic population in the United States.” – SAG 2002

The highest percentage of “frequent” movie fans are between the age of 12-24, followed by the over 40 age bracket which accounts for 31% of all frequent movie goers. MPAA chief Jack Valenti pointed out that “these are the baby boomers who have never lost the “movie urge.” Age group 25-39 is the third with 27%. In 2001, the Hispanic population proved the heaviest movie goers with a per capita viewing of 9.9 films during the year. Representing 15% of admissions. The Black population saw 7.6 films last year and comprised 11% of admissions, while the White population watched 8.1 films per year and accounted for 68% of admissions. Statistics for 2001 also confirmed that Men go to the movies more often than Women, but only marginally.

Current Latino Review Contributors:

Kellvin Chavez, founder and writer
New York

El Mayimbe, writer
New York & Los Angeles